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Dear partners!

Our company has been present on the market of agricultural spare parts for more than 5 years, during which we have set up production and sales company, have become leaders in our market segment: we offer the widest range of spare parts in areas that we represent. Specialists of our company works on market of spare parts for agricultural machinery from 4 to 35 years. Most of us have a higher technical education.

We are carrying out regular direct deliveries to more than 700 companies of our country with state and private ownership: poultry farms, cooperative farms, farms, producers of milling and grain products, dairies, meat processing plants, commercial organizations. Fast delivery of spare parts is provided by our own production base and established logistics from more than 10 countries of the world, including Western Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Holland, Spain, Great Britain), China, USA, Russia, Brazil.

For the third year, we have been actively developing the exports, for which purposes we have purchased expensive software, and was organized personnel training. Expansion to foreign markets is one of the most important tasks facing our team.

Our production site is equipped with high-precision equipment, including CNC from Italy, China, Poland, Germany and Belarus. In addition to standard manufacturing methods, we are actively using know-how: complex products are developed using 3-dimensional modeling technology; master-model is manufactured using 3D printing; surfaces are hardened in special environments. At the stage of product development, we are consulting with experts of the highest class: associate professors, candidates and doctors of sciences. In addition, we are actively placing orders among manufacturers all over the Republic and beyond.

During 2016, we have become an authorized distributor of the Maschio Gaspardo S.p.a (their brands: Maschio, Gaspardo, Feraboli, Unigreen, Moro). This allows us to supply high-quality equipment and original spare parts bypassing intermediaries, directly to farmers of the Republic, as well as to provide an official guarantee of the manufacturing plant.

During 2017, we have become an authorized distributor of Comer Industries S.p.a (Italy) - specializing on the producing of PTO shafts and gearboxes. At our production site in Minsk we are assembling PTO shafts from components manufactured by them. On our warehouse we have a large range of spare parts, which, if necessary, can be purchased separately (cross kits, profile tubes, yokes, different types of clutches, wide-angle joints, adapters, protective elements, etc.).

We are quite young company and we are in stage of permanent development so we're always looking for new suppliers, and if you can give us an interesting offer - we are always will be happy to consider possibility for mutually beneficial cooperation, starting from supply of spare parts up to joint company creation or any other offer.


  • Gaspardo MT (Gaspardo MTR)
  • Gaspardo SP
  • Ferabox Futura Maxi (Mascar)
  • TSM-8000 Mozyrtechservice ( MaterMacc MS 8100)
  • Gaspardo Orietta-Olimpia
  • Monasem NG +3, Monasem NG +3
  • Monasem NC Technic


  • Feraboli FS-20 Electric (Ferabox)
  • Maschio (Feraboli) Entry
  • Maschio (Feraboli) Duetto
  • Maschio (Feraboli) Extreme
  • Maschio (Feraboli) Mondiale
  • Mascar FS-20 (Ferabox) (Corsa 120-150)
  • Mascar Diavel, Mascar Diavel Multiwrap

Manure spreaders

  • Ferabox ПМФ-18
  • MTU-18 (Bobruiskagromash)
  • PSS-15 Boyarin (Voronovskaya selhoztechnika)
  • ROUM-20 Hozain (Zapagromash)

Trailed feed mixers

  • Ferabox КРГ-15, 17
  • ISRK-12 Hozain (Zapagromash)

Forage harvesters

  • Claas Jaguar


  • Claas Disco 3050 (KDN 2.65)
  • Krone EasyCut (KDL-2.71, KDL-3.14)

And also PTO shafts, belts, bearings, chains of various price categories.

Our advantages:

1. Flexibility in the form of payment: prepayment, exchange for products, deferral (individually), installments, letter of credit, factoring;

2. Contractual relations based on: the contract of supply, the assignment of the right of claim, the contract of transfer of the debt and others;

3. Consultations - our mechanical engineers have experience in repair and maintenance of imported seeders, balers, feed mixers, crushers - so they are prepared to give detailed advice;

4. We offer delivery to the client (Belarus and CIS), including urgent;

5. Spare parts are available for picking up in any time, during the period of active agricultural works - even on weekends;

6. Office and warehouse are in one place.